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Jeff Embro

The Unicorn that Goes to the Ball

By Lily Embro

Once upon a time in a far way land. There lived a unicorn. The unicorn climbed up a rainbow and used it as a slide to get to the shops to buy some beautiful jewellery for the ball she was going to that night. She knitted a beautiful ball gown for that night. The King even gave her a medal because she danced the best. She was very excited.

The next day when she woke up she decided to wear the medal out when she went to the shops. It was very exciting. The next day she woke up very tired from the big day of shopping she had the day before. The unicorn had a little baby unicorn born that day. She didn’t have a horn yet. She brought her baby unicorn back home and then bought it a bottle and went to find some friends for the little unicorn, one’s name was Alice, one’s name was Tom and one’s name was Lucy. They were all beautiful names. The unicorn cut out a picture for her new born baby unicorn and the baby unicorn started to crawl and crawl and crawl. Then the mum taught her how to walk. Then the mummy unicorn got all dressed up for another ball. This one was the Princes’ ball, not the Kings’. Then she knitted another ball gown which was pink and had blue beads that went all the way down from the top to the waist. The in the middle of the beads there was big yellow beautiful flowers. The sleeves were peach and were short. And she had a beautiful pink headband with two musical notes which were black with pink fluffs all around and a purple bunny with a carrot. On her way to the ball when she was looking out the carriage window she saw a real bunny. After she had gone back she drew a picture of the ballroom, it was beautiful.

Then she decided to be a figure skating, because unicorns can be figure skaters. She danced on the ice with the other figure skaters.

Then she bought some more jewellery to wear to her friends Sarah’s 10th birthday party. That necklace had pink beads and blue love heart on it. She knitted herself a beautiful gown for that day. She had lots of fun, there were lots of snack nibbles.

Then the next day when she woke up there was a Christmas party she had to go to. She knitted herself a holly dress. It was pink and had red and green holly with white sleeves. There was a necklace that went with it with red beads and a white love heart and there were shoes that went with it with holly on them. The unicorn had lots and lots of fun.

Then she decided she would make her own Christmas drawing which had wreaths and holly on it.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End.

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Great story!! I wish I was a unicorn!'

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