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Laying of the Ashes
Silvio Mueller
/ Categories: Dear diary

Laying of the Ashes

An unusual experience as we laid Sergio's ashes to rest

Monday 3rd September 2018
Today Sergio's ashes were laid to rest at Lawn Cemetery. It was cold and wet. Around thirty people attended. The plot was very small, around 50cm by 50cm, and positioned around the middle of a long line of plots. A hole had been dug where the ashes were to be laid and a few buckets of sand were positioned nearby. A small garden spade was in one of the buckets. Before the ceremony began I had a chance to read the plaques on some of the nearby plots. One plaque, three plots to the left of Sergio's, had the name Noel on it. It caught my attention because the letter "e" had an amlaut (two dots above it). The woman dies aged 21.
The ceremony was short. the preist said a few words and blessed the plot using holy water before Maxine laid the box of ashes in the hole. It started to rain again so I shared my umbrella with a woman standing next to me. She was a work collegue of Sergio's. Maxine placed some sand over the box of ashes using the small spade. We all lined up to do the same. As we approached the plot Sergio's collegue told me she would never forget where Sergio was buried because it was right next to her daughter's plot. She pointed at the plaque with Noel's name on it. A strange feeling washed over me that I cannot describe. I expressed my condolences to her and we placed some sand over Sergio's ashes. The significance of the event we came to partake in was not diminished by the experience of being there with Noel's mother, rather it added a touch of bizzarreness to it. Overall it was a sad experience.

Rest in Peace Sergio. Gone but not forgotten.

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