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The Novice

The Novice

The Devil sips tea under the Bodhi tree.

The sea, now calm.
The Moon out of the clouds, smiling as stoic as possible.

The Novice steered his mind through waves threatening or to his imagination.
He fights the Devil for the world, for himself, for the moment, in an epic battle the Devil knows not.

The Devil sips tea under the Bodhi tree. 
All the while the Novice bleeds for the world.

Karma, Righteousness, Integrity, Survival, Honesty, the way of the world…
the names of battles raging and past, with intense fire and depth in his weak heart.

The Novice strikes, his world around erupts in joy. 
Drops of blood, of the dreaded villain stain the ocean.

The Devil sips tea under the Bodhi tree.
Not a moment lost.

The Novice battles on..
But a day arrives, The Novice no more, to hand his boots and his blood stained sword in silence…
Unquestioned, Unjudged…

The Devil sips tea under the Bodhi tree.


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3 comments on article "The Novice"

Silvio Mueller

Great verse. Makes you think. Are you suggesting the war against evil is futile?


The poem makes no suggestions on the futility of fighting evil. But on our perception of what is good or evil and then on the existence of reality vs our understanding of it.


Thanks Silvio

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